fangirling: top of the lake

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what’s the deal?

set against the scenic backdrop of a new zealand mountain landscape, a young girl stands up to her chest in the dark waters of an icy lake. soon the reason for the desperate fact comes to light : the twelve -year-old tui, daughter of a local drug lord, is five months pregnant, but refuses to reveal the identity of the father. the youth welfare office commissions robin griffin, a specialist in children and adolescents, with the care of the girl to the police of the southern lakes. for robin, who has returned from australia to her hometown in new zealand to care for her cancer-stricken mother, the case is a welcome change from her dreary stay in the small town.

police chief al parker decides bring tui back to her father matt mitcham and her two adult half-brothers, which robin is opposed to, since she knows the brutality and violence of the three men. with good reason, as it turns out, because they have the real estate agent bob platt on their conscience. bob platt has a part of the idyllic lake shore, called “paradise” offered for sale, that matt looked was about to buy off.

on this ” heavenly ” land, a group of women has settled, which is headed by the peculiar and distant gj, who’s a sort of leader for the older, disillusioned and wounded by life women.

the women are initially surprised when the young tui armed on her horse and with a rifle emerges. in their private conversation circle the girl reveals her secret and remains overnight. the next day tui disappears without a trace. robin, who now feels personally responsible for tui’s fate, embarks on a race against time …

since the first time i’ve heard about this series and its plot, i’ve been waiting for a chance to pounce. and boy, did i devour it when it aired!
sooo good.

its a horrifying tale about the brutality done to females. some complained about it being long paced in its storytelling – which honestly wasn’t an issue for me at all, because it’s not like the typical american tv show that goes on and on, season after season. it’s only 6 episodes, guys. and you have a lot of food for thought as a reward, because the writers don’t feel the need to dumb it down for us, but rather wrote a complex story where the characters get entangled in a web of lies, half-truths and intrigues.

not for the faint-hearted. comes highly recommended.